ET SUPER HANC PETRAM AEDIFICABO ECCLESIAM MEAM. Translation: You are Peter [Rock], and on this Rock I shall build my Church. Those are the large letters written above the columns on the interior of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, a lovely building on Capitol Hill (Washington, DC). I was truly blessed to be invited to participate… Continue reading

Bel Cantanti Choir

Katerina Souvorova is an opera Impresaria/Maestra who runs Bel Cantanti Opera, a small but tenacious opera company she created in 2003 to give performance opportunities to local operatic talent. I sang the role of Marullo and chorus in her production of Verdi’s Rigoletto in 2004, and have enjoyed seeing many subsequent productions. When the pandemic… Continue reading

Voiceover work continues. . .

I actually started doing this not long after we moved to Miami in 2017. Voice acting is not singing, but I have discovered what I consider a kind of symbiotic relationship between the two. For one thing, before spending hours in my secluded, sound-proof closet speaking into an extremely sensitive microphone, I find it best… Continue reading

Negro Lynched in Pennsylvania

Today’s Guest Cartoonist Sam Olmsted is a very active political cartoonist. Guest Blogger, John Jay Chapman, writes over one hundred eight years ago about a horrific event that took place a year before. I was greatly moved by the Coatesville lynching at the time it occurred, and as the anniversary came round my inner idea… Continue reading