I can sing!

Yes, I can sing! WordPress seemingly won’t let me add italics to the title of this post, so I repeat the affirmation here with emphasis.

Lest anyone should worry that I was wallowing in self-pity or complete inactivity after reading my last post, I offer some follow-up posts to inform you of what I’ve been up to during the pandemic. Most of them involve different types of singing that I’ve been engaged in. Most of these posts are already written, as I was working for weeks on the Mother of All Posts and realized it needed to be broken up like AT&T. Some of these items might be expanded for future posts. Some additional ideas are still bouncing around in my brain, waiting to take shape.

Anyway, watch this space for the following upcoming topics:

I have read many friends’ comments and posts about how they’re dealing with the pandemic, not as artists, performers, teachers, business-people, etc., but merely as thinking, feeling human beings. To be perfectly honest, I am still coming to terms with what this period has meant to me and my loved ones. There’s still a lot to ponder, and like the rest of you, I don’t have all the answers, even to my own questions.

One thing I do know is that it helps me a lot to organize my thoughts, whether into a blog post, a journal that nobody else will ever read, or just aloud to a sympatheic listener. Similarly, hearing what others are thinking is a great help. So I’ll keep following up on your Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as sharing those I think others will find helpful.

Above all, we all need to be gentle with ourselves and those around us! I’m saying this here so I’ll have a better chance of doing it consistently!

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