Virtual Church Job

When he heard that we were moving back to Northern Virginia, David Lang offered me a position in the choir at Saint Dunstan’s Episcopal Church in McLean, VA. Because of the pandemic, this is currently a “virtual choir.” Each week, David emails us mp3 files of his organ accompaniment to the hymns, with detailed instructions as to how many beats we hold at the end of each verse, which verses to sing in unison, and which in parts, etc. We sing our individual parts while listening to his accompaniment, then email them back to him for assembly. This is audio-only, which means I don’t have to worry about what I wore to choir rehearsal last week, or whether I have a nicely-ironed shirt for Sunday morning.

My digital contribution to hymn #207, “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”

Actually, this past Sunday morning I did iron a shirt and put on a suit and tie, because I got to sing hymns at an outdoor Easter service at St. Dunstan’s–socially-distanced and masked–which was a real treat on such a beautiful morning! Bonus: I got to see a former Washington National Opera colleague, Joan Morton, whom I hadn’t seen in years.

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